Each country has its favourite supermarket. Heart and soul of modern life, these giant stores reflect our national character through the choice of products they offer for sale. Brands such as Carrefour, Tesco, Delhaize are ready to respond to our every need (almost), serving us around the clock, 24/7, with thanks to the internet.

I started to take more interest in supermarkets when I went abroad for the first time. All of a sudden, the types of product on sale, as well as the packaging and brand names were all completely different; each reflecting part of the specific local culture. I noticed which products were put on offer, and the way in which the entrance, the checkout, and the lighting were all different. We shouldn’t forget that supermarkets are commercial operations above all, and the science and technology involved in selling products continues to evolve each day. Supermarket shopping is a remarkable phenomenon which is well worth the attention of modern artists, just as the markets and picnics along the Seine caught the attention of painters in the past.

This supermarket is in the centre of Swindon, and is popular with families, young couples, and retired people. Everyone comes here to stock up for the week ahead. The easy location and free parking help to make the experience more straightforward and enjoyable. The supermarket building is one of the largest retail spaces in town – and yet, the architect has managed to design it in such a way that it fits in with the local area. A key part of the design is the steeple and weathervane above the entrance, which make us think of a church, or perhaps an old-fashioned barn.