Putting on an exhibition is a bit like moving house. Boxes everywhere, pictures to wrap up, labels to print, string, sellotape.. so much to organise.

This time it was at St Barnabas, our parish church in Gorse Hill, where I exhibited my work. Luckily it is only 10 minutes’ walk away, and it was a good opportunity to show and discuss the landscapes that I had painted of the area last summer. After digging through my sketchbooks, I created new lino prints for the occasion, to make greetings cards in several lively colours.

It is always a pleasure to speak with neighbours and local residents about my work, particularly when we can swap stories or memories of places that we all know well. The exhibition went well, and I received some positive feedback, as well as several ideas for future projects.

I would like to thank all my friends at St Barnabas for their kindness and help, as well as the two gentlemen who helped me to carry the boxes home again afterwards!