This week I have been Reading Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, about the 2016 election in America. It’s a gripping read, full of astute personal reflections on her experiences during the campaign. I was particularly struck by her pragmatism, always ready to take advice from her team and try whatever was needed to engage voters. One of her chapters is entitled ‘Get Caught Trying’, and the emphasis is on making an effort, even if you are not always successful.

Reflecting on my own work, I have decided to heed the advice that many have given me and re-join Facebook so that I can show my work to a wider audience. Like Hillary, I need to overcome any personal fears and see it as a means to help ‘get things done’, (as she would put it). Later this year, I will also be looking at joining an online platform to sell my work as well.

I will let you know in due course once these two ventures are up an running. I would welcome any feedback you have, either now or later on, to help me develop all aspects of my work!