Hospitals are powered by extraordinary individuals
The Phlebotomist who knows just how to talk you through
A sharp-scratch, fist-clenched blood test
The nurse on night shift who re-checks your blood pressure
Four times, just in case you’re in trouble
The A&E Team who cope in one crowded, noisy, chaotic room
Attending to us, keeping all lives in the corner of their eye
The cleaners who mop, wipe, disinfect each corner of my room
Every day, with cheer and purpose
The surgical team out on rounds whose answers calm and reassure

Diverse people, all backgrounds, nationalities power this place
They join as teams, each with their own skills
To keep the ward safe, on the mend
Many work a 12-hour shift
The world outside rushes by
Unaware of our community in here, who serve and care for us
24/7, 365

(Written during my time in hospital last year)