The seaside holds so many memories for me: building sandcastles, eating ice cream, playing the amusements… I can almost reach out and ‘touch’ those experiences. A trip to the seaside this summer prompted me to to sketch out some of these images, and so began a line of artistic enquiry.

Lino printing allows me to make graphic images. This year, I have started to experiment with multi-coloured lino prints, which require a bit of extra planning and more block cutting. I bought a set of different coloured inks, and just like with paint, I began to experiment, seeing how they look alongside each other, and what happens when you mix, or overlay two different colours. Colour carries meaning, especially in graphic design. How dark should I make my green or brown to make an ice cream print look / ‘taste’ like pistachio or chocolate? Is bright yellow the true colour of vanilla?

When I presented an early proof print to some family members as a gift, they asked me, ‘Which way up does it go, Dave?’ …back to the drawing board I went, for a graphic image ought to speak for itself. I have found that it pays to simplify my initial drawing/design to the simplest statement, removing all unnecessary details.