It was a lady coming out of Swindon Bus Station who asked me why I was painting at night time. I thought for a moment, then I answered her that I like the contrast of light that you can get at night, from the yellow and orange of the street lights, through to the darkest black of the sky. Later on, I was thinking about the difficulties of painting so late, with my head torch on and my shopping trolley to cart the easel and other equipment home later on. Not many people paint late at that time, and with good reason, given how inconvenient it can be. However, just once in a while, a few original ideas do come out then, and that is why I persevere with this, as and when I get chance. Now that winter approaches and darkness closes the days much earlier, Swindon is filled with pictorial possibilities, when artificial street light carves up and redefines the landscape of terraces and Victorian streets. It is a good time to observe it and try to translate it in paint.