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A third year of Swindon Open Studios has given me much on which to reflect. Above all else, I value honest, unbiased feedback on my work, and my visitors this year certainly helped me to evaluate areas of progress in my work, and parts that need further development. My figure drawing has benefitted from regular practice on the train and about town, throwing up exciting possibilities for future compositions. The development of tonal sketches into harmonious paintings is a challenge, but I have already learnt that figure paintings do not require the same range of colour as outdoor landscape work. Indeed, one SOS visitor was quick to single out a figure painting that I had been working on with a very limited range of greys and flesh colours.

Preparation for this year’s event took on an extra dimension this year as my partner and I have been busy decorating our new house up to and including the week before Open Studios! With the new setup I benefit both from picture rails in our front room (an ideal gallery space), and racked shelving in my studio to help stack and dry oil paintings in progress.

I would like to thank everyone who came to visit us this year, and all those who have supported me in the development of my artwork.