Coins clink, till keys peep, peep
Walkie talkies patrol the platform,
As doors slam shut. Boarding, checking
Seat numbers – which carriage is this?

Peep peep, a whistle – arms raised
All is well, a gentle hiss and then a roll
As Swindon backs off in silhouette,
Winter sun flashes through the carriage.

Up with a clatter, the buffet shutter’s o-pen
Welcoming all customers who’ve joined us
As you know…Neath, P-’Talbot and Swan-sea
And a range of sweets and snacks

Frozen fields pass us either side
Eagerly chattering, queuing customers
As a gurgle of hot water fills the first drink
Buffet news flows; the world is put to rights

Our hostess peeps the till, tears off receipts
Presents brown paper bags to sustain us
As we reach top speed, rumbling west
Dad… please can I have a bacon baguette?

Whoosh into the tunnel, down, down
Would you like some chocolate on top?
As ears pop, the cold back backdrop
Still or sparkling? Then – up, up… to the light!

Croeso i Gymru gan Network Rail
Anything else? Change here for Cwmbrân, Hereford
As the Usk swoons below our old iron bridge
Beep, beep. That’s the lot thank you.